Thursday, December 18, 2008

More up to date update!

Ok, with that dated post finally out of the way I can make an update on more recent activity.

Proud of the following in COT now, we have a strong playerbase with many level headed players, who are in the know, and fun + friendly.

Naxx is going well. In the first week of raiding we cleard the Arachnid wing and the first two bosses in the Plague.

This week, Wednesday (Day 1/3)we cleared both Arachnid and Plague quarters. Many people got some very good loot. Both the healers got some nice upgrades, our Feral drood got the uber staff off of Heigan the Unclean and is gleefully bouncing about caving in skulls, the two main warrior tanks got upgrades (one his T7, which looks awesome) and lined up to hit the abomonation quarter on Friday.

It should prove an interesting run - one of the main tanks, shammy healer and top two DPS will be on holiday, (I believe) but considering the gearing level and DPS level of last weeks run compared to this week - we should be ok to lose some. some 40 active level 80 characters, most keen on raiding provides a good pool to pick from, and as soon as we have some gear and experience on the additional tanks + healers, hopefully - we can hit heroics :)

Really enjoying this progression though, its so very thrilling to beat every boss we have met (eventually) and then do a clean sweep the second week (all bar 2 bosses were one-shotted on Day 1) We may not be a hardcore raiding guild, but many of the members have hard-core raiding desires (and indeed, our intention is to see everything on 25 man - it will take time but it is a goal that is achievable.)

Its true what they say. Naxx is easy mode. But then again, with good players, who know their class, perservere and are not afraid to adapt the tactics as required, even the toughest fights have had some surprisingly clean results. (wiping on Loetheb by 30% every time beign one of them, then on the last try, nailing him with one casualty (me! - who was battle ressed)

So... much... fun! :)

I respecced my mage to Fire spec to abuse the fantastic frostfire bolt. I miss all my frost tools, but im averaging 1700-2000 dps on non AOE fights. (Peak at 2700 burning all cooldowns, but only for a few seconds at a time) when I was pulling only 1400-1700 before.

Anyhow, its late and I want to get a few questicles done on my priest before I hit the hay!


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