Thursday, December 18, 2008


Post content dated 4th December. Due to work restrictions I am no longer able to Blog from work, mailed this to myself and forgot. Wont happen again!

Guild Progress.

It has been a fun and busy month. Wrath hit 4 weeks ago, and its been all go ever since.

I have been enjoying the new content, following the storyline and playing with all the new abilities of my characters. Admittedly I am sick to the teeth of Dragonblight – I had just finished there and hit grizzly hills with my rogue when I decided to power level my mage. 3 days later I ploughed through them all and I amm doing all the same quests my rogue is in the Grizzly hills, and am backtracking to help others do Dragonblight quest chains.

I do have one complaint though, the Grizzly hills really don’t fit in with everything else I have encountered in Northrend so far. There are a few camps who are holding out, but they seem more inclined with gathering food, booze and playing practical jokes on people. (admittedly seeing a Moonkin use an outhouse is one of those once in a lifetime experiences…) Perhaps it is because at this point I am pushing to get this character to 80 and I am taking in less of the storyline.

The guild now has in excess of 60 members, we have the people to do heroic Naxxramas (albheit not all 80 yet) and a group hitting Naxxramas normal tomorrow. I wont be among them, I have two level 75s instead of an 80 – its just how things worked out, I decided to switch back to my mage to get him to raid level first as I do not intend to raid with my rogue. It is all fine though, we have recruited many experienced raiders (far more experienced than myself anyway!) and they are all a very nice bunch of people. I am confident they will do a good job, and there are plenty of people capable of going along. I think we are a little lacking on healers at the moment, but there are a number who intend to respect to help out, or who are starting to level healer alts, so hopefully well celebrate the start of a new year with a trip to heroic Naxx. 

We have had a number of events since the launch – I was seriously expecting a small turnout but we regularly have at least half the on-line members attend. Typically around the dozen mark on them. PVP nights, fun runs, low level mess around, and its all been great fun. We got lucky with the batch of Northrend recruits. We are rapidly approaching our cap of raid members although were happy to have people join for just the social aspect, indeed there is a good number of people who’s mains are in the old guild who happily log in and socialize.

Don’t think I have had this much fun in game in a long time, its refreshing, and feels completely new (and from almost all aspects, it is a new game for me.) 4 characters on Northrend may get tedious though ;)

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