Friday, August 8, 2008

Arahnid-gladiatorial matches, and busted PCs.

So yeah, I spotted a giant spider when in the shower this morning, and ended up in a gladiatorial standoff with the thing. I spotted it behind the radiator, legs sticking out from behind the piping -let out an audible grunt and ran out the bathroom, and came back wielding a kitchen knife and a makeshift shield - a win bucket. After a few minutes of chasing it around the bathroom, through piles of dirty clothes, towels, toilet tubes I managed to corner it and had to resort to squashing it (it was like a tarantino movie, spider guts and blood all over the place.) with the wine bucket...

Other than this, I am recently back from visiting family up north again - and am in the midst of PC repairs.

My PC is pretty aged as far as modern computers go - 3700Xp athlon, Asus A8N-SLI delux motherboard, a gig of ram and a 3850 ATI gfx card. I had a raid array setup and if anyone out there is familiar with the motherboard, they come with a design flaw where the chipset fan basically dies very very quickly - so I fitted a passive, that I think is no longer keeping the chipset cooled - that just so happens to hold the raid controller - and my PC grinds to a halt whenever this warms up as it is not operating the hard drives properly. I connected the drives to non-raid SATA sockets and it seems to be working fine now - although I have problems with Internet Explorer since reformatting (think I got a virus :( ) - anyhow, I just downloaded and installed Firefox 3 via my laptop, so hopefully that should resolve any problems I am having.

As for WOW- I really have not had much gametime. Had a Kara run on Friday night, and got my priest to a couple of boxes off of 42.

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