Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First battleground in months...

I decided last night to tackle an AV daily I have had in my quest log for about a week now, and toddled into one that was two-thirds done. I hopped off the slope and landed in the Graveyard to go defend. (no point running down to go offence when most of the horde are between me and my destination…)

I landed – spotted a gang of horde, and promptly died.

I resurrected up by Vandaar Stormpike, and proceeded to bounce about POM pyroing, arcane missiling and arcane explosioning the enemies with great glee – dying fast but doing lots of carnage at the same time.

After a couple of minutes of this, the horde stormed in and started attacking Vanadaar Stormpike, so I bounced in, started explosioning, died, spawned and Bam. We won. I was genuinely surprised at this, me and the handful of defenders managed to delay the horde zerg (<3 empowered arcane explosions. Got about 10k+ average damage off on a cluster of 10+ horde sat outside before they realised and the remaining took me down) for long enough that our forces managed to take down Drek with at least one war-master still active.

Fantastic, that was a quick and easy 10 minute battle ground – I didn’t do a whole lot – I barely know how to PVP with my mage bar spamming spells and spell-stealing every priest with a bubble I see, but regardless:

I got my competitors tabard and the golden medallion. Not bad for my first try at getting them! This was my main reason for going in – I ALWAYS miss out on the special event pets, and thought I would at least have a go.

Yey! \o/

If anyone has not listened to the latest Elune's Grace podcast, it would appear that the Medallions are handed out to everyone in a winning battleground when it "procs" so to speak... I.E - everyone that was in that battleground that did not have one, would have recieved one. Not 100% sure this is accurate, and it doesnt really make any difference to anything, but I just thought I would mention it :D


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