Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recruit a friend follow up:

Man, what a rant that post was... Im going to follow it up with some more rambling. Enjoy.

Reading through more issues on the programme - it occurs to me I kind of missed some crucial points in my last post. You will level faster, naturally, (maybe about 50% faster, which I reckon is about the same boost patch 2.2? gave, when reducing levelling requirements and boosting the 20-60 grind.) But this does not mean you will miss out on content or group experiences...


It does mean you will have to make the choice between one or the other (when working with your "Recruiter" that is... otherwise from what I gather, its solo-xp gains.)

Think about it, if you were about pre-tbc:

Levelling was slow. Not as slow as in some games, but not particularly speedy. You would do two-three zones in each levelling band, and would run instances to flesh out the times you dont want to do green quests, but all your alternatives are red.

With the speed patch in TBC - you did not need as much xp to gain levels, and quest xp was boosted. This means that you dont need to run all these zones, and instances are more of an option now. doing them will net you a few quick levels of xp, and it is feasible to jump from instance to instance with only a small chunk of questing between each.

With the recruit a friend programme - you will only need to knock out all the quests in one zone to level through it - alternatively, you can do an instance run, and it will have the same effect. Therefor, you have the choice - zone content (possibly, a couple of zones if you wish it) or instance experience - after the instance, its time to go gather all the new quests because the ones you had will be green/grey.

Basically, in most cases I think you will find that if the new recruit wants to see all the content, they will go it alone, or will make an effort to go out and view it - when not grouped with their recruiter. Other than that, it will basically be the unhealthy power-levelling that people keep mentioning - although this is not necessarily a bad thing, the relevant skills can still be attained if you go about levelling the right way. (instances).

Personally, I am just gonna keep on trucking with what I have - no interest in any more alts unless it was on another server, and by the time that I would choose to do that I will probably cease playing, at least for a while. If someone wants recommending, great, new mount. but they are on their own :p If they want quick levelling ill boost them somewhere with my mage - or use one of my many mid-ranged alts to give them a temporary xp boost. There is no-one i can think of I would want to play with (and do the work for :p) that will benefit from a power-levelling.

Also, I aint gonna multi-box. If I want to do that Ill get the laptop out and play my wifes character to keep her the same level as me if she wants me to keep her alongside me in level.

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