Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrath preparation

The big trip to Northrend is coming. “Are you ready?” Asks Kestrel.

For the time being I have a few key things that I am working on:

I have transferred him to the new guild me and Ama have assembled with some people that were unhappy with the old guild. I plan to play him first when wrath hits, and want to work with my closer “in-game friends” and community.

1) Battle saber mount. This shall be mine, oh yes! I got severely fed up with the Darnassus rep grind, and as I only needed 29 WSG and 19 AB marks to purchase, I set to it last night. (I now only need 16 AB marks and 19 WSG marks)

2) Level engineering. His engineering is something like 360, and I am dry of materials. I need to get my butt in gear and start mining.

I am going to leave this character in the current guild. We may not want to be in the guild, but we do get along with a lot of its people, and its them I want to keep in touch with. I will likely get kicked as this seems to be the way of things, but that would only reinforce in my head why we are leaving. (And considering everyone that’s queried our actions so far has agreed with us and opted to move with us, it may not be long I am there for anyway.)

He will be the character I level when Ama comes back from her trip away to visit family. At present he will basically be on farm duty. Gathering herbs, doing dailys, cooking and looking like a fuzzy porn star in a dress.

I will continue to work on her inscription making money, and doing the occasional run where a healer is needed, but there are no big plans for her just now. She is currently sat in the old guild – Im not sure if/when she will be moved. She is my 3rd character planned for the grind (Unless a healer is needed for 80 then ill do her before my mage.)

My hunter hit 56 a couple of nights ago, and is my “fun faffing about” class. No intentions to do any raiding with her, and she will not be 70 by Wrath, so she is at the bottom of the leveling list. She is the one character I will leave in the current guild if/when I pull the others out. When I want some relief and some easy gameplay, ill whip her and Ariss – her Mega-moth out - (AKA “The dart” due to her swoop and how fun it is seeing my pet go Voosh-dink! Into the enemies face, securing the aggro for a good long time.)

I have some mid ranged characters (Druid, warrior) that I may give a kick up the butt to, and I may roll a deathknigget (for more than experiencing the start area) – but that’s not going to be at the start.

Details of the guild changes are in the following post. Trust me, I know – Im typing this all into word :p.

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