Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another 110% Kara clear.

First challenge, no challenge.

COT went to Kara last night - a little late due to the usual kafuffle with organising such things at the birth of a new guild, but we had the numbers, we had the knowhow and we had the gear. We bent that instance over and happily had our way.

Every boss was downed, aswell as Prince Mirkblood - there were no wipes and much of the instance was 9-manned.

1. Attumen - no casualties. we did take most of the room at once to clear it - this was entertaining. a couple of one-hitted casualties, but even so - it was entertaining and fast.

2. Mirkblood - one casualty. Bats all around, and another guitar-axe handed out.

3. Maiden - I run in by accident whilst talking and died, the tank picked her up, I got battle rezzed as one of the mages went down to her holy fire - and we then spanked her in a minute and a half.

4. Opera - we had Oz, it went down faster than I could blink. Fantastic. I still feel noob.

5. Nightbane - down in record time and with no casualties.

6. Curator - Everyone was having so much fun we pulled the boss whilst there was still adds, nuked them down and then smacked him upside the head in short order, for another quick kill.

Two of our members had to leave at this point. The new mage came on with his cute gnome Warrior (Pocket Valkyrie anyone?) and a druid from the guild filled in.

7. We went to Illhoof, and done him with one casualty. (Me. Died to sacrifice - the joy of two healers and one of them going in the sacrificial chamber >.<) It was an awesome sight to see as there was a tank on Illhoof, one on Kil'rek and the druid soloed all the adds with the joys of the new swipe mechanics.

8. Another of our group had to go. with 9 players left, we decided to press on instead of spending time pulling people in.

9. Aran. Wham, Bam, cheers for the badges.

10. Chess. Yes. Chess... This has been buggy since the recent patches - it took 3 attempts to succede, and technically was the only failure we had - at least there are not repair bills for wiping here.

11. Prince - most of the melee managed to suicide spectacularly against him, but he went down in one try.

12. It was almost 11pm (midnight server time). We bopped our way over to Netherspite, and after a couple of poorly coordinated start phases (The tank got the red beam stolen by both the off-tank and the backup tank meaning a rogue tanked the second phase for a while) we all got stuck in and left him there, with a fire elemental gently glowing - incinerating his crotch.

Snap snap - quick screenshot of COTs first Kara clear, which took 3 hours (20:15 - 23:15) and involved only 9 players for much of the run, many of whom were playing the character they took in there for the first time.

So far, the feedback has been positive,.Everyone had a good time, and most got something new to play with, many getting some huge upgrades to their mains or alts and we still had some time free to relax afterwards. The speed we were moving at some points was crazy, huge pulls, chain pulls, bosses with adds - it looked messy, but was well handled and most of it was on purpose, just because we could. The voice-comms was always entertaining... But I'm never going to look at Prince Mirkbloods Sanguine spirits the same way ever again...
I never go into these places with the intent of getting gear, just for the fun of hangign out with friends and helping people achieve - but I did manage to net myself some nice bracers, and then bought a new cloak and neck-piece with badges, as well as planning out my next one. The fetish of the Primal Gods. 3 more badges.


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