Monday, November 3, 2008

Hyjal went well, and what next?

The guild went to Mount Hyjal last night, and almost done the first two bosses on its first ever visit there – not too bad! We wiped on our final attempt at the second boss with him left standing there with 95k health… (A bad infernal on “Nipple hill” wiped most of our ranged DPS and healers.)

There are no more raids posted now – not that it matters much at the moment (see a future post…) and I have been thinking of what to do next. I kind of miss the Zombie invasion now Hallows end and the raids have finished and even though I didn’t take part in it, I suddenly want to do some zombie-hunting after listening to the influx of podcasts talking about it.

For my next objective – other than guild stuff (future post) I have my sights set on a Battle-sabre. I have enough AV badges, most of the EOTS badges and a chunk of AB badges. I give up on the rep-grind for a sabre as I done loads of grinding pre-expansion, and done pretty much all the Night Elf start area quests, all that I can do now is go to un’goro crater or hand in 1k worth of runecloth. NOT HAPPENING. I’m completely burned out, and fed up of working towards that mount – I think I could have actually attained a winterspring saber by now if I so desired one. (Besides, I hear they are purchasable now?)

Anyway, big wall of text posts upcoming on my future in WOW. Keep an eye out. If you care! :p


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