Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another ZA clear.

So, the guild had another Zulaman clear last night. We started about 8pm server time, ended midnight server time.

I went along on my mage, and slung some frost bolts about. Came top on damage meters, and by no small margin. Almost a quarter of the raids damage was attributed to me with 1200DPS average (second place being 750).

Very satisfying, but I wish we had more high damage mains along. A lot of people are going with their alts to gear up, or for a break. I really want to go through someplace, nuke the crap out of it in a short period of time, and come in 4th or 5th (and still be pulling stupid DPS) like a few weeks ago before everyone’s alts were wanting geared. Most people seem to have rolled another DPS or have gone for a healing role, and use them instead – reducing our effectiveness by reduced DPS and survivability, or lack of practice. We still get through ok though! Very capable bunch.

Regardless, it was good fun, and as I say, I am doing the same thing with my Priest, (at least healing as a bit less competitive. If everything is alive, were happy.) and rogue. (Who still seems to pull stupid DPS despite being in a combination of Greens and PVP epics (about 780 average on Headless Horseman last night. Speaking of which, he now has the hallowed helm and his Sinister Squashling. Yey!)

One thing that shocked me was for the Lynx Boss, Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul’jin I was asked to do some raid leading. I don’t really know if I am suited to this position, I enjoy filling people in on the tactics, (2 of the 3 Netherspite takedowns the guild has managed was using tactics I dished out, but it would not have been possible without other people doing the organization of it, and communicating through it.) and staying alert and giving warnings or advice where needed, but I don’t see myself as someone able to haul a group of 9 or 24 other people through an instance, keep them coordinated, and informed of the coming fight, their jobs and the things to watch out for. I always forget something, and when I’m the only person giving instructions, whatever I leave out tends to be the one thing that causes a wipe.

Still, it was nice to have had the opportunity and perhaps to have earned that much respect from the GM over the last few months. (Assuming she wasn’t asking me to do it so that I would shut up in embarrassment, but as she said, we are lacking in capable or willing raid leaders.)


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