Friday, September 5, 2008

Blog stylings + updates.

Guidelines from the nether!

So,I have been reading the Twisted Nether blogging guides… After perusing their guide, along with some from other bloggers I realize that I am not particularly happy with the current layout and content of my posts, how I structure them, and my update rate. I have therefore decided; the time for change is now!

Layout Improvements:

From now on I aim to provide:

· Better formatting,
· Easier to read content (I.e less of these brackets explaining things mid sentence!)
· Cleaner lay out.

If you catch my old posts before I go back and purge them with an improved format, you will notice that I tend to suffer from what can only be described as “wall of textitus” no images, no hyper-links and poorly formatted due to rush 20 minute lunchtime postings I shall continue to update as such, but with the improved formatting and attempt to add what imagery and links I can from home!


I have been all over the place with regards to posting dates. I never had a set update schedule, and at this point in time, I don’t see me having one, although I shall endeavor to post on something semi-interesting at least once per week. I am not as creative as I would like to think, and don’t want to post on every random thing that pops into my head. In addition I have not got much free time between work, family and actually playing the dang game to make a tightly packed update schedule.

Random Quote:

"Time for fun!" -Blackheart the Inciter

Cos that’s the way I roll baby.
Your happy go lucky bloggish Scotsman.

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