Monday, September 22, 2008

Hunter selected!

I decided to bite the bullet and spend some time on my Draenei hunter (Telvanya) this weekend to see if I could get into playing her again. Good news! It worked! This unfortunately means my Dwarven hunter is cast into the nether along with a million other alts of Christmas past...

But anyhoo! To start with, I looked at Clarence, my ravager… stroked my beard… and put him in the stables. He was going into retirement - at least for a while.

I took a trip to Stranglethorn Vale and grabbed myself a Shadowmaw Panther 4 levels below me. Learned prowl (yes, I know its useless for PvE!) I looked at King Bangalash longingly, but he was a couple of levels above me and untamable... but he suited Telvanya perfectly!

For the time being I decided to get myself something a little closer to my level… I tamed Bag’thera who was only one level below me, and scooted off for some questing and a Maraudon run (boosted of course!) I now have a backlog of level 46-48 blue mail items and a shiny new BM rifle that are all waiting for me to leve up.

I continued to quest in Tanaris and The Hinterlands after this run, hit 44, went back and grabbed King Bangalash (Who was 43. Doh!) I continued to quest and play around with this lil fella, who is now a filly, called Nimmy (Named after my dog due to my wife playing with her when I asked what I should name my pet).

I went out and made sure I was up to date on pet abilities for the level:

Bite 6, Claw6, Dash2 and Growl 5, and now Nimmy makes a fantastic pet. Our DPS is through the roof, and she is easily able to tank 3 or 4 of the same level with mend pet and a bit of target swapping on the go. We can handle more, but it involves trapping, kiting and fearing.

My proudest moment so far with her was an accidental pull at Skulk Rock in The hinterlands where I pulled two level 48 Jade Oozes and a 48 Wolf – with Telvanya and Nimmy being levels 44 and 45, this seemed like a bit much but with some chain trapping and fearing (thankfully I left an abandoned frost trap from a previous fight!) we managed to take them down and both
ended with full health, albheit zero mana (even after a pot)

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