Friday, September 19, 2008

Character Dilemmas

I don’t know about anyone else, but now that Wrath’s release date has been officially announced, I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I have many alts who I would like to be at 70 before it hits, but I can’t decide whom to set my sights on.

I have anumber of characters who I alternate between, depending on my mood. Here is a list in priority order:
  • Priest
  • 2 Hunters (Choice of one.)
  • Warrior
  • Druid

Priority 1 lies with my Priest, Asterra, as she is on the last leg to 70. With the release of the upcoming patch, I believe the outlands will be a breeze to level through, so letting her sit could be beneficial, but I have a deal with the wife. She is going to play her mage first in the expansion, and ill play my priest.

"Why?" I hear you ask?

Well, since we levelled from 0-60 and 60-70 primarily as a Duo, she always been her on her druid healing and me on a DPS class doing the bulk of the damage. The roles are going to swap, so to speak. It should be interesting. I really like my priest, but I do hate the inability to do some of the things I can do as a mage… Namely AOE grind a bunch of angry pissed off mobs who are rooted or snared as I bounce about giving them face fulls of critical arcane explosions.

*grins at the thought*

My next priority is one of my hunters. I really like the changes they have made to hunters, and I am really keen to get one up – just for the play value, Im not bothered about raiding etc with him/her at the high end as I will have a priest mage and a rogue waiting by the time he/she is leveled.

I have a Draenei female hunter, level 41. She was a group leveling effort back when TBC was released, and fell by the wayside as I got into raiding with my mage, pvp with my rogue and leveling Asterra. She is 275 leatherworking and skinning about the same level, and her cooking is maxed for her level. I even ground her fishing to over 100.

The problem with this hunter is I have hit a pit. Around 40 I tend to lose interest in characters, and since I stopped playing her, I have lost the bond with her pet (A Ravager called Clarence.), and looking at her gear it clicks “Huntard” – I totally didn’t know what I was gearing for when leveling this character. Two proc on hit weapons… and a bow with no stats. (Epic it may be, but having less than 1.5k health and mana at that level means I out of mana fast, and if I screw up with the aggro, I often have to run. Fast!

Due to feeling she is “broken” (Needing re-geared, and I want a new pet but am at a level whereit would be a bad idea to change unless I want to level a pet I like) I rolled a Dwarven hunter, alaBig Red Kitty. This fella is loads of fun. He uses a boar called Rasher and I find the boar to be more fun than the ravager, charge is immense! The problem here is that he is level 16, and has zero tradeskills. I set myself a leveling challenge to just get through the levels as fast as possible, so left tradeskills as something to come back to later… although I have decided im going to train skinning since I want him to leatherwork, and cook as it’s a pain to back-track.

Every time I log in with the Draenei I think “Dwarf is more fun”

Every time I log with the Dwarf I think “Draenei is a couple of days work ahead, and has tradeskills ground to the appropriate level… Argh! It’s doing my head in. I think I have to do a couple of instances with the Draenei to get her new gear, find her a new pet (thinking King Bangalash at 43/44 when I can tame him.) and see what I think… but then that is even more work and with that time I could have hit Stranglethorn Vale with my hunter, which is a trade skill + leveling power-zone for a hunter.

I guess the biggest concern is:

A) time investment for new hunter

B) cost of getting up those trade skills

C) I’m going to hit the same pit at 40. the pet has the same abilities, and there is not going be a new gore skill till level 50-odd.

Following these up, I have my Warrior and Druid, who are both on the wayside for now. I really like tanking with my mothers warrior, so want to have my own character that is capable of it – and this char who was a 29 twink can easily level up fast, but I want to get them hunter pets… too many characters, too little time.

I fear the draw of WAR…Must resist…

To top it all off, Im still wanting to do some progressive raiding with my mage... We have 3 zuluman bosses on farm now, as well as Kara (apart from Netherspite as the guild has a very defeatist attitude when it comes to this chap.) Why, why why Wrath! Why... so close, so tempting, but so much to do!

Take it easy out there!

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