Monday, September 22, 2008

Long time, no Gruul!

For the first time since the start of this year, my guild managed to gather enough people to go to Gruul’s Lair. It was an entertaining evening filled with new experiences for many, entertaining wipes and gleeful success.

At the start there was only 21 people there, whilst we “taught” the inexperienced how to work the High King and his minions.

We managed to polish our performance by the 5th try, by which point there was 24 people in the group.

The mage-tank managed to perfect his attacks and I assisted on the priest whos heals kept getting off in previous fights due to his greater shield not coming down in time to interrupt the prayer of healing.

After a brief scuffle, he went down, then onto the warlock who dropped like a sack of murlocs. We then went onto Krosh. About 10 seconds into the fight the shield came off the mage-tank, and then didn’t re-apply to Krosh for some 10-15 seconds after… I managed to gain enough aggro and with my modest 11.2k health, (14.5k on the primary mage tank!) got that shield back and managed to hold him until he was down.. After this it was a walk in the park. Take down the remaining add and then spank Mulgar himself. By this point, with two tanks with over 200k aggro each… it was all out DPS mayhem. Fun times!

Gruul was a bit easier, but harder at the same time.

The first two attempts we got unlucky with the shatters – I only got hit once on each attempt – both times whilst landed among 5 or more other players… Insta-gib. The first try we barely scratched him to 80%, the second try 10%.

The Third try was to be our final attempt as we had been here for over three hours by this point!

Wham Bam, thank you maam! Gruul was down and most of the raid was still alive. Fantastic effort by everyone.

The magus blade dropped – which I already had, a Two handed hunter/dps warrior axe (which sparked some insanity…) and Two sets of pants. (Odd collection he carries on him!)

Screenshots ensued, and everyone went to bed.

Now… The entertainment on the Axe? Ill tell you about it.

We have a rule in the guild – one that I am sure most guilds will have: Primary spec people get priority, if no one needs a piece of gear for their primary spec, people may roll for off-spec. Sounds fair right?

Well, two hunters and a holy paladin wanted that Axe. By these standards, the hunters are rolling for primary (their only spec really…) spec, and the holy paladin for – I suspect – Retribution, which is off-spec.

Pally rolls with the hunters, pally wins. Pally doesn’t get loot. Pally screams were a bunch of ninjas with stupid rules, quits the guild and starts whispering everyone in the raid that he wont work with such a stupid guild.

On Teamspeak, we simply laughed at his stupidity (as he quit the raid in a huff and missed rolling on his pally pants) and selfishness, put him on ignore and enjoiyed the fact we seem to be able to whittle out the muppets quite quickly. (He was a fairly new recruit, but being a social guild most players interact on a regular basis, know each other quite well, and most have met in real life – so we shed no tears when a player of this caliber appears and disappears in one run that reveals their true colours.)


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