Friday, September 19, 2008

Velky's back, and here comes WAR.

Hey there! … What do you mean its been two weeks?
Oh, ok. I guess it has!

Well, there are reasons for that. Firstly, some family issues sucked up a lot of my time last week, and I also spent 5 days solid attending a training course at work. This was followed up by going to a guild meet up on the weekend, and some hard core work catching up that had to be done over the course of this week… But I’m free enough to make an update now! So… I will make several, to break up the wall of text crit.

Warhammer online is here! And… well, to be honest… Im not all that bothered. I don’t know why, but even with my history with Warhammer fantasy and 40k tabletop gaming, I just didn’t get caught up in the hype machine for this game. I don’t really have the available finances to go out and buy the game, and if I did, I suspect I would need to upgrade my PC first!

My mother bought it, and is visiting next week and bringing it with her, so I will get a look at the game then with luck! My favourite part of any MMORPG is the “newbie” feeling – the start of a new game tends to be the most memorable and depending on the level of addiction it forms, will determine how much of your time may be invested into it in the future.

I must admit, the more I learn of this game, the more it appeals. Im not really a PVP junkie, although I must admit Planetside is one of my longest running MMO games, and Eve brought about some extreme adrenaline rushes, especially when you spot the local pirate corp warping into your zone and the warp scrambles start coming…

What? Oh yes, Im digressing.

I am looking forward to getting in and giving this game a blast, and I fancy going something silly – so a greenskin is a must… possibly a squig herder. Nothing like squashing the enemy with a giant space-hopper!

Ill report on it once I have given it a shot, but I don’t see me leaving WoW – I like the PVE content too much, have roots too far buried and am more interested in Wrath than WAR.


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