Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the fold.

So after a hectic weekend, Im back home and back in the game!

It was a fun weekend, albheit a bit hectic and tiring. I pranced around in a kilt for some 15 hours, I spent 22 hours behind the wheel travelling there and back, and I seen a lot of friends. Tiring but worth it!

So... back to WOW.

Last night I was pulled in for another Kara run, which we almost cleared in one sitting! We quit just after chess to do Prince tomorrow and possible have a jab at Zuluman, Im not really looking forward to this, but it should be interesting!

After being poked last night for my spec, I am considering trying out fire. I got a coulpe of drops that upped my +spellhit, which I had capped for arcane anyway - so I can probably get away with dropping the talents in arcane and going for fire.

The reasons I like Arcane are as follows:

  1. Mana management. So many talents focus on increasing your pool and your regen. Careful deliery of spells and abuse of clearcast brings great returns to your mana pool.
  2. Tools: Presence of Mind, Empowered spells, huge damage boosts to my Arcane Missiles, and crit bonus for clearcast spells.
  3. Sustained damage output: Other than the empowered POMPYRO and empowered stream of spells I put out every 3 minutes, I can maintain a pretty decent damage rate (Arcane Missiles hitting for about 750 a time and critting for some 1200 a quarter of the time is pretty nice, and sustained.)
  4. Bad-gear compensation: I have pretty low PVE stats (+spellhit) but +10% from talents means that I am at least still getting the hits in.
  5. Aggro management: I have a huge aggro reduction through talents, that allows me to go all out very quickly.

Comparing my mage to another mage in the guild (now an ex-member) they hade MUCH better gear, and were full fire spec. I had better +damage, better +spellhit, better +crit, a bigger mana pool, a bigger health pool and higher resists... And they died ALL the time from getting aggro. They were pure fire. The other player was (13) young and probably not as efficient with their gaming (Theorycrafting FTW) but the difference was almost exclusively down to spec.

Ill take a look at fire and see what I can come up with anyway... But other than having nice DOTs, and being more useful against arcane immune mobs in sections of Kara... I dont think Im going to see a marked improvement - and if it is, dying to get it makes it counter-productive.

To note:

I dont run out of mana unless i try to go max DPS, i generate very little aggro (a rogue i am out DPSing can hold the aggro against me.) and i have lots of toys... Lets see what my opinions of fire are shall we ;) Not been fire since 51...

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