Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Heroic!

Last night I participated in my first heroic! Heroic Hellfire Ramparts. Im beginning to feel like more and more of a noob each day as I participate in high end activities with friends in the guild. I am a confident player, I can pretty much nail down the most efficient ways to play any class I am using - but when it comes to high end PVE... I feel like a noob :p

Our group consisted of:

The guilds main tank (19k HP - hes one tough sum'bitch)
The guilds main feral druid (Was in Kitty form unless off-tanking was required)
A very well geared rogue
Me (Mage in Gear acceptable for heroics + Kara, but not yet optimised)
Amma (The wife - Resto-druid - healer for the run. Getting better and better gear by the day, but still a bit undergeared.)

The run was not a difficult one - The trash fell in droves, Amma kept everyone up comfortably - there were a couple of stray deaths (one mob bypassed the tank and squished our healer, and another I pulled aggro playing around with my abilities to see how hard it was, and critted a few too many times with empowered POM pyro, flireblast and arcane missiles...)

The first boss went down - no challenge. I failed at sheeping the add due to boss knockback when the tank pulled a bit too quickly, but the rogue picked it up and we nailed the adds quickly before taking down the big guy.

The run up to the second boss was quick and smooth - bar one whipe because of confusion with leaving one of the groups, and Amma body pulled.

The second boss proved a bit of a toughy. The second fellhound he realeased made a beeline for the healer - and the feral droo picked it up but killed Amma with a debuff - wipe. Second try was pretty much the same - but better. Third try we got him down. JUST. The rogue was the last man standing and on half-health.

The final boss... Oh the joy this one brought.

Try 1:

Ammas laptop locked up for a few seconds and she autorun into the two gaurds before the final boss, triggering the event befor we were all ready - we done well though, took thme down, and then nuked down the rider - the MT picking up the Dragon just before he could get to us. We nuked away but both the feral droo and the MT were being hit by the fire, and Amma OOM'd - it was a close fight but we wiped.

Try 2:
On the corpse run we realised we done the whole run with Amma having +724 healing, and me +854 spell damage, and fairly low +hit. We decided that we didnt have a chance, but since were going back in would have one last blast at the final boss.

Battle begins: I open with a sheep and we take down the first guard. We go to start on the sheeped one and the second one respawns - so we nuke him down whist I resheep the first to keep him away. We then take on the sheeped one, and the second guard respawns again... Amma is down to half mana at this point, and has to innervate herself before the rider dismounts. We nuke him down in short succession, and start on the dragon. Its a healing nightmare for amma - fire flying everywhere as we get feared - shes OOM again, takes a mana pot, I keep nuking, the rogue keeps punching, the druid and tank keep fighting away - I call for the druids innervate but its too late - the dragon kills amma and the feral druid simultaneously. Crap! Its gonna be a wipe. 20% health on the boss, the tank goes down. The rogue is tanking... Bam Bam Bam my arcane missiles fly in, I POM pyro, fireblast, keep missiling, the rogue is tearing the dragons tits out with his claws and we do it! No tank, no healer we DPS that armoured fireball down.


The chest drops all Plate...

Bollox! No upgrade to get Ammas stats up. It was a fantastic run though. After we done this I learned a bit about the progression of the other guys in the group (They could easily and have - participated in SSC, BT, MHJ.) - They started off by getting between 1000 and 1400 Badges of Justice each for gear ups and progressed with friends through some of the tougher raids... I think me and Amma have a long run ahead of us... Everyone agrees that the healing was impressive considering the +heal. I have seen Amma pull off th impossible before - she was resto right up until the release of TBC, was balance to 70 then decided feral was the way to go until the guild struggled to get healers for a Kara run and she respecced and the gear hunt begins. I think she is going to be a fantastic addition to the guild, I just wish I was more useful. Im a not particularly fantastically geared DPS class - there are dozens better geared than me, so I have a long road to make myself noticed... But I like a challenge!

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