Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Kara run.

So I was trying to figure where to start and thought... what the hell! Ill talk about my first Kara run!

It happened a long long time ago - last Wednesday in fact.

I was minding my own business beating up some squishies in Alterac Valley on my rogue when the call went out into guild chat:

"LF2M to Kara - need DPS!"

I figured... why not! And sent a whisper announcing my availability.

Well, to my surprise - I got in!

We started off pretty smoothly - My wife - who was feeding the little one before putting him to bed (Usually my job but she volunteered to take over so I could get prepared) sat on Wowwiki and gave me guidance through the first pulls and the first boss. It all went pretty well. After the first attempt on the second boss one of our DPS had to leave, so my wife hopped on with her feral druid. Rar, rar, rar 2 wipes later we downed the second boss. Things went to pot after this, it was pretty late at this point and after a couple of tries we stopped at Maiden and decided to proceed on Saturday.

At this point, you are probably thinking OMGWTFBBQ - fur realz? your first Kara run happened a year and a half after TBC release?! Well, yes it did. I had a long break between Christmas and about May where I was having to move house for a new job and adapt to living with a new member of the family, but now I am back. I play my alts way too much so this was the first time I have been available for a run.

Saturday comes, I run around on my mage prepping potions and dishing them out prior to the run, sorting out some resto gear for my wife who respecced resto earlier that day to help some guildies run through Ramparts. I bought her some damn nice leggings for 650G off the auction house and handed them over - but to my dissapointment found out that I was not selected to proceed with the run as I signed up with my rogue who was over geared. (Damn welfare epix!) Oh well, Im dissapointed but Ill get to go again, so I pop on an alt and start doing some quests. I listen in on TS as my wife runs through it healing. Lo and behold - whilst clearing trash to get to Illhoof, one of the healers has to drop - so our shadow priest comes on as her healing shammy and they need a replacement DPS. I get the summons to get my mage on to fling some damage about. Woo! I get to do this after all!

We clear the trash and get to Illhoof, after a brief description by the lok in the group of the tactics, we 1hit him. Sweet! We then proceed to Chess (Might have that order wrong, I cant remember!) - 1hit there too! then were onto Aran... This fight was tough. After a couple of wipes we figured the only way to take him down was to interrupt his casts - and a couple more tries later we won! I win a nice epic trinket By this point my wife has looted no less than 5 epic items for her resto gear at this point. The guild now has a new raidable healer, fantastic!

Anyhow, we truck our way up to Prince confident he will fall. (Over confident it seems) Three tries in a row the dps/heal group got separated from the tanks by elementals and we all got splatted. Time was up by this point - so we decided one more shot and we had to call it a night. (It was 1:30am and some people had to be up for work at 6... Unfortunately - although the elementals landed perfectly - lining the back walls - Prince enraged and splatted our tank before anyone could respond.)

Time up, loggoff, sleep.

There you go - my first Kara run. I apologise if it was boring :p. It was a fun run, and I look forward to helping gear come along and gear up guildies in the future!

I did learn a couple of tricks from the first run though that I shall post here:

  • Illhoof - Create the macro /Target Chains - I did not do this and I couldnt target the chains to assist - and several people died repeatedly by not breaking free before dying.
  • Aran - DONT interrupt his Arcane Missiles - this is what we were doing on the wipes - all this does is start him casting a new spell. Arcane Missiles is channeled and spends its mana up front - the frostbolts and fireballs however consume their mana at the end of their cast time - and those of you that raid here often may know, the key to this fight is to keep his mana as high as possible to delay or prevent his AOE sheeping.
  • Chess - If your a water elemental - get close to as many other chess pieces as possible and AOE away. You do 3k damage to any opposing pieces within a squares radius - and hitting a single target is a waste.


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