Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Class Guides

Being an altoholic, I have played most classes to a pretty decent level, and have a couple of 70s to boot, so I figure I might try my hand at putting together a little guide to the classes I have played, or have some knowledge about. I am far from an expert in any of these classes, but I can try to relay what I know - or what I can find relating to the classes. I wont start this right now (Im at work, and I will likely need to reference a number of sites I cannot access here.) but below is a list of classes and information I will try to include.

  • Mage - I have a 70 mage, and this has been my main character since 4am on the release date of World of Warcraft.
  • Rogue - I have a 70 rogue, who I have played pretty much in a fixed group from 1-60 pre TBC, and have started playing him again as entertainment when I dont want to focus on my alts or my mage.
  • Hunters - aka - the Huntard. A very easy class to play, a tricky one to master. If people actively seek you out for groups, then you probably know how to abuse many of their abilities effectively, and kudos to you for that. My highest is 41 (I have 2 of this level.)
  • Druids - One of my favourite classes - I have not played to a particularly high level - although my wife has one as her main and has done the lot, so by proxy I know some tricks.
  • Warrior - A tough class to play, a tougher class to master - but a brilliant one none the less. I have a warrior twink, and have spent many an hour researching their skills, lets see what I can come up with!
  • Priest - I have a few of these floating about, love em all. Great for DPS, greater for healing. As mentioned, 41 is my highest level.
  • Paladin - I will skip this guide - I have not managed to play one past level 12 before getting bored. I really should, they look more and more like a fantastic class to play. Healing, AOE tanking, AOE level grinding and utility out the Wazoo.
  • Shaman - Like the paladin - level 12 is the highest I have reached - I would really like to get one up, but just cant get in the groove. This is a very powerful class, at whatever form of gameplay they focus on - but they can be tough to master as they need a good handle on all the various totems and abilities they have.

Good sites I have abused in the past include:

I would gleefully recommend visiting these places to learn more.

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