Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patch Day!

So its patch day today... After getting next to no sleep last night due to the stress of being the best man at my mates upcoming wedding - I got out of bed early - booted up and installed the patch whilst I had a shower.

Dang! gotta wait until I come home from work :( forgot the servers will be down for a while.

I like the low level cheap mounts. My priest is currently 37 - I have not needed a mount yet (all fedex quests on griffons, or down instances - or mob kill quests in STV in a confined area.) but I will buy it as soon as I get on - just because I can!

My next problem is going to be that I hate the elekks... Im going to have to nip to the N.E start area and get myself some rep from quests. I think that I am revered with Darnassus thanks to the new rep gains since rolling the character. I am also a bit pissed about that though, becaus I dont the N.E start area with my gnome rogue and ive been running around doing the missed quests, handing in hundreds of gold of runecloth... and im still only just reverred... I hate his mechano-strider :( I only forgive him for riding that mechanical cock because hes an engineer.

Man, can I rant.

Anyway, theres patch notes all over - enjoy!

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