Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Levelling as a non-shadowy priest.

It’s been all go in the real world, but I thought I would take a short time out to give an update of what I have been doing in WOW.

The bulk of my time has been spent on my hunter. She is now 48 – and happily wielding her Maraudon blues – including a new gun that ROCKS! Damn things like a machine gun, but the damage output me and Nimmy (my cat) are doing is pretty brutal.

I respecced my priest away from Shadow. I’m actually finding it easier leveling as discipline with a good dose of holy. This is because I level alongside a suicidal mage (My wife’s alt) and we AoE grind our way through the outlands.

As shadow I could pick a target, and quickly burn it down. This fed back some mana and health for us, which was fine, but when I’m able to throw an enhanced shield, an enhanced renew, heal when necessary to keep her up and join in the AoE with holy nova, we are going through the levels twice as fast. For the record – don’t holy nova until the enemy are low on health :p you cant kill a mob of the same level without going OOM – its just a damage boost to help the mage not go OOM and it heals them to boot. Your better sitting at the side healing and perhaps chucking in a few spells to thin the enemy ranks.

As a bonus, one of the “leveling group” that we worked with has re-specced his shaman to Elemental and is loving the grind as DPS. He wanted to be a healer all through the game so I went shadow to do DPS, but now we have swapped around and we are both happier. Should make for some fun instance runs, I like healing. Its why I’m a priest darnit!


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