Tuesday, October 28, 2008

110% Kara clear, and the dead rest in pieces.

Like a numpty I completely forgot that I had signed up to Karazhan last night for a guild run. Ama informed me about the time invites were scheduled to start that I was invited along on my rogue. With a slot spare, Ama brought her boomkin, and we kicked off.

Almost every single mob dropped either warrior plate, or healer cloth… I grumbled as I was locked on my priest and missed out on all these lovely drops, although I did get a nice set of shoulders off of Chess, I believe. Not quite as powerful as my S2 PVP shoulders, but with gemming I have a little bit more attack power and a lot more +Hit, which is a bit more important for my PVEing than the dodge, resilience and stamina bonus granted by the PVP shoulders.

We took down the Hallows end boss; Prince Tenris Mirkblood. That was one fun fight! It took two tries to take him down, the first failed mainly due to lack of knowledge... When we went in I knew he had two abilities:

Blood Mirror – Shares damage to the linked party member.
Sanguine Spirits – Summons some elementals, that cannot be attacked and time out.

We quickly learned we need to kite him, as those spirits explode on contact and do 8.5k damage, which is pretty nasty. Additionally, the damage they deal seems to be fed back to him. Also, it would appear that the Blood Mirror splits the healing done on the player back to him as well, because we spent a hell of a long time with his health sitting between the 10 and 25% mark as he kept healing himself, even though we were able to avoid the most of the spirits.

Anyway, eventually he died on top of Attumen (Quite a kite!), our warrior off-tank got the Arcanite Ripper axe, which has the funky special guitar ability and some nice stats for a DPS, and we all got our vampire battling, which is so cute. My first pet on my rogue to boot!

We proceeded to clear the rest of Karazhan (excluding basement boss) with only one more wipe – on Netherspite, whom we decided to come back and take out after prince as people still had time.

Overall, it was a fantastic and smooth run, and was a great relief after the mess of Gruul/Maggy last night. It was nice to explore some bits of Kara I have never seen before, and experience a new boss.

A further note, the Zombie invasion seems to have died down. I noticed it was rather quiet on the server last night (Those that were not enjoying must have just opted to stay offline.), and everyone in Shattrath was floating about, on their flying mounts which had me in stitches. The city is starting to resemble EVE online more than world of warcraft...

I even enjoyed watching a platoon of NPC zombies give a fun show as they went around and one-hit guards into zombies, and chasing poor players that happened to stray too close. (From high up on my broom of course!) The old world cities were calm enough to be able to use the Auction house, etc. Either people have gotten bored of being Zombies, or have gotten bored with seeing all the zombies about and kill them on sight, halting the plague. Either way, it seems a lot more controlled now, and the small outbreaks that do happen are more entertaining than stress-inducing.

The zombie invasion should has ended, so I will take a little time tonight to have a bit more of an investigation into the Hallows end happenings, and join in any activities that are still on-going.

On the subject of the Zombie invasion, I think Rohan at Blessing of Kings pretty much sums up the event, and makes some interesting comments.

I’m going to miss the shambling menace and the rush they brought as you tried your damndest to get about without being infected, but it will be nice to return to normal and not get repair bills when you’re Zombled on a loading screen though!


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