Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mage options - Wrath Analysis.

I have only paused for a momentary glance at the mage trees for WOTLK, and with that cursory glance, opted for a frost build – or a hybrid arcane frost tree, much as I am using pre-patch. Krizzlybear of Frost is the new black and Euripides of Critical QQ have both been doing some theory work into the talent trees. I don’t see how anyone might find this blog without having found these two blogging celebrities first, but in case you don’t know who they are, there are links below and on my blogroll.

Krizzlybear being the devoted Cryomancer he is (That’s frost mage people, not someone who wields the power of the tear) has posted his thoughts on the frost tree: >>Linky<< I recommend giving it a read.

Euripides has posted up a talent breakdown of each of the trees. See the links below and educate yourself:

Critical QQ:

Go forth, and light the skies with fire, freeze your foes with the powers of ice or beat them down with the powers of arcane.


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