Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Molten Joys.

With the wind down for Wrath, my guild is trying to be agile and do as much stuff as possible with the players online. Kara, Zulaman, Gruul and Maggy, and some nostalgia runs.

To this end, we had a Molten Core fun run last night. We managed to get about 20 players together, most were 70, but there was also some lower levels - 60 shammy, warrior, and me on my 68 priest.

Way too much of my time has been spent in that place over the years, but I decided that since I was permitted to come attend with Asterra, and get some healing practise, it sounded fun and interesting. It was by no means a stress free run, but it was still very entertaining.

We managed to Clear up to, and including Shazzrath. By this point we had 15 players left, it was 1am, and the group was slowly disbanding as players went to bed. For the last hour there was just two healers. Me and my wife (Henceforth referred to as Ama for those of you that know her in-game :p Calling her the wife, the misses etc seems disrespectful.) were the remaining healers (There was a pally too, but they were afk a chunk of the time.) Lets just say Shazzrath was entertaining. Especially considering out of the 17 players we took him with, 7 were druids, 2 were warriors and 1 was a rogue… and they all went in meleeing. Fantastic laugh though. We didn’t have enough of each class to handle decursing during fights so everything throughout the instance had to be healed through, and left to run down. I recon my repair bill was 4g altogether (good call bringing my priest! It would have been about 30G on my main.)

I didn’t do too bad. After one of the other primary healers, a level 70 priest left, I came second on the healing meters. Not a hard feat though, so little damage was applied through most of the run, the only time it made a difference was when the mobs were doing AOEs and I got to chuck in PoM and greater heal spam the tanks on bosses.

It looks like I might enjoy the stint of healing with her before WOTLK comes out – or at least the patch. Im glad I got to take her rather than my mage as it would likely have become Molten Bore, and feel like good old Molten Chore. The place doesnt hold much in the way of nostalgic value for me. In fact, none of Blackrock Mountain (save maybe UBRS) does.


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