Friday, October 3, 2008

Another mind-boggling velk-blog post.

Reading, re-reading, editing and reading the “game styligs” post, I thought it best to put up a follow up before any flame-throwers come out :p The “categories” seem like they could come across as elitist noodling, or prejudice in some way, and that was never my intent.

The post is meant in a light hearted manner, as a way to group up different styles of gaming people see out there. No style is “perfect” even if I make it appear that “power gamer” is the “best” way to play. Every style has its disadvantages. Naturally if you make no to learn or work with people, others are not going to want to go near you, but at the other end of the scale, if you are a power gamer, there is a good chance you are spending way too much time in the game. Your self-confidence in this category is likely to be your downfall, thinking you can handle higher risk situations and risking your group/raid. Bad :p

Anyway, thinking over the different categories, there really should be some sort matrix of styles. For example, you may be a “power gamer” in that you squeeze every last drop out of your character, but you may play on your lonesome, or you might only work well in a group. You might be naturally talented, or you might spend way too much time in game optimizing your skills. At the same time the “rucksack” can be a difficult category to place someone in. I was generally thinking of people that don’t want to put in any effort, but there are those that may have real-life distractions or problems that may make them appear useless when they are having an off-day or something.

Perhaps I should have the catergories be on a scale?

Natural talent: 1-10 (1 being unable to pick up the basics, 10 being a master of them. Not really something that is teachable.)
Theorycrafting: 1-10 (For the min/maxer, and also knowledge of the basics. 1 = Someone who doesn’t put any thought in, or is perhaps unable to grasp the maths – 10 being someone who can right a huge blog post in detail on mana usage over a boss fight based on a certain gear and talent set.)
Trolling: 1-10 Don’t know where I am going with this one, but lets say 1 = doesn’t throw up controversy or make others feel bad, 10 = someone who constantly flames or whinges and is a right old pain in the rump.
Enabler: 1-10 1 = A hinderance on a group, 10 = someone who drives the group – perhaps a particularly effective raid leader.

Hmm, or maybe not.

I dont know what my greatest strengths are in this game, but I do know one of my many weaknesses is that I AM an elitist asshat ;) I feel very uncomfortable getting into pugs for fear of the worst. Me and my wife pugged to 60 with our rogue + druid pairing back in the day, and only had a few bad experiences, but Im just mortally afraid of runs that prove to be complete wastes of time. I know Im not unique in that, but I do see it as something that interferes with my gameplay :p

Its probably the same reason I tend to avoid the official forums...

Another mind boggling Velk-blog entry.

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