Monday, October 27, 2008


After a weekend of weird-gaming, I have come to a conclusion: The zombie apocalypse (Zompocalypse to some) is both Awesome, and an insanely bad idea.

Seeing hordes of zombies treck about wreaking havoc on Shattrath, with piles of bones littering the streets is Impressive, and screen-shot worthy (from the air). The forced participation CAN be fun, but becomes very trying if you have other plans.

I don’t mean for this to sound like a whiney QQ post. I like the whole zombie apocalypse idea, but its implementation is flawed. My incentive for writing this post has been a number of experiences over the weekend, and the post of one Big Bear Butt blogger. whom I agree with whole-heartedly.

I have not personally taken too much interest in the zombie apocalypse, it is entertaining for a short period to have to avoid the roaming dead, but the havoc caused is getting frustrating, and old. I generally try to avoid getting infected, and if I am, quickly try to get "cured".

I have struggled to play any sort of normal game over the weekend. Trying to do anything quickly was an impossibility. I got some headless horseman runs done, and that’s about it. We had a raid last night, that truly showed how irritating the hordes of zombies can be:

The guild got a group together to take on Gruuls lair then Maggy’s lair. This involved people doing some or all of the following:

Getting stuff from bank. (Dead bankers? Gotta wait. Bam. you’re a zombie.)
Flying somewhere (Dead flight masters. Wanna wait? Bam. You’re a zombie.)
Hearthing somewhere (Often toxic clouds await your arrival, or your converted whilst loading. Bam. You’re a zombie.)
Getting a portal or teleporting (Always toxic clouds await your arrival, and your converted whilst loading. Bam. You’re a zombie.)

The worst part is you get repair bills every time you die, just like normal. (Not like PVP as it seems to be based on.) So... Want to get repaired? Hope your flying, and good luck finding the repair guy alive. Did I mention that if you happened to become a zombie, you have a repair bill now? Yeah. I refuse to login or out anywhere I am likely to get zombied because 3g repair bill everytime I touch the ground is irritating to say the least. It was forgivable when you had 10 minutes to finish up, pop to an Argent healer or have someone run by and remove the initial disease, but now I don’t even have time to remove it from MYSELF on my priest before it takes hold.

Anyway, I digress. We eventually got the run going (45 minutes late. 1hr 15 minutes after everyone was invited and expected to be ready…)
The instance – over in 45 minutes.

Portal out to Shattrath so we can move over to do Magtheridon. Bam. Everyone’s a zombie. We all move to a safe place for their zombification to wear off, res, mount and fly. Repair at honor hold which thankfully has not been overrun to the extent you cant get repairs, and fly down to summon the stragglers.

It took another hour to get prepared to enter the instance, by this point everyone is fed up, and in a foul mood. I would not be surprised to see some of our top players up and leave at how irritating the delays were, even though it was mostly our of players hands. We go in, wipe 3 times before getting the boss down, and then logoff. Fed up, and seeking something else to do until it blows over.

I wonder what the opinions of others are? I have read a number of blogs, and most seem to be negative in reaction – and my guilds attitude, and the attitudes of those on Team-speak are certainly negative.

I intend to participate in some of the Argent Dawn quests tonight, and basically, take part in the event to see what’s what, but this is mostly because I cant do anything else! Ama, my wife, thinks this is a way for blizzard to try to sort out the economy before the expansion. Fortunes are spent on repair bills, its nigh impossible to get to an auctioneer – and in some cases – a mailbox. Levelling alts is tough to say the least, raiding is a waste of time because you need to start prep over an hour in advance instead of just popping to the bank.

I hope it ends soon, or at the very least, proves to be fun to participate in. Being a zombie was not something I found fun even the few times I did do stuff when in that form. BBB says it best: The Asshats have the power.

Cheers Blizz!

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