Thursday, October 30, 2008


National Novel Writers Month. I am not sure if this is restricted to the States or not, but it is something I had considered participating in.

I have written a book in my past, when I was 11/12, which was a sci-fi based story akin to a cross between Starship Troopers and Battlestar Galactica… Or something like that. It kind of ended up being a comedy to all my family that read it due to the grammar and spelling errors that ravaged its pages. (Jesus nailed to a Steak anyone?) I gave the only printed copy to friends of the family as a wedding present, then lost the save file, and they lost the paper copy, so there are no remnants of its existence left. Shame, I quite fancied a look back at my abysmal English skills to see if they have improved any!

Anyway… I have been considering participating, but figured if Im going to bother writing anything, there is no point trying to rush to finish it in a month, when I have limited time as it is. Instead, if I write anything, it will have all the time and effort I feel it should be worth put into it. My biggest problem is choosing a topic on which to write.

I do have a number of ideas, mostly in the fantasy setting. One about an Assassin that’s a bit of a robin hood, another about a band of adventurers in a dungeons and dragons style setting, and more. Nothing seems to grasp me as interesting enough to actually sit down and devote so much time to though.

Ho hum, perhaps something will come. If all else fails, I will just start typing off the cuff, and adapt what comes out into a story. I seem to be quite capable of rambling on about nothing.

What? Oh yeah… my posts always ramble! I thought you didn’t notice, but you were just being polite! Very kind of you. :-)


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