Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wows 3 stages of evolution.

Sound Familiar?

Stage 1: The Brotherhood of WOW.

Also known as ‘The Good Old Days.’ This is where many of us learned to play the game, enjoyed its newness, made friends and generally had a good time. The game was a long slow trudge through to 60. It all ends with battling big fiery beasts inside mountains. (In which my mage often died…) (Yes I know of Naxx, but I never went there, most of us didn’t, so Im not counting it ;) )

Stage 2: A couple of towers:

The burning crusade is released. Things get a bit more serious, and for the bulk of us, the end game consisted of Karazhan and Tempest Keep trips. (Hey, I can imagine Tempest Keep as a tower right?) Whats more, theres big floating eyes in that keep…

Stage 3: Hey! The Kings back!

With the approach of Wrath, I noticed via Waaagh – (The warhammer online blog) that the King is back in Stormwind. Now its off to the chilly wastelands of Northrend to fight some big evil dude in a familiar Nazgul King-like mask and a lot of flying things, big beasties and there shall be hordes of undead roaming about to boot…

Will there be a part 4? ooOoooOoo

Just an observation really… But they had to get their inspiration from somewhere right? Hehehehe!

Credit for the inspiration of this post goes to Wilhelm2451 from Waaagh.


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