Friday, October 10, 2008

Inscription guide update.

Siha over at Banana Shoulders has updated her Inscription guide. I recommend heading over and grabbing the .PDF guide she has created.

As a quick summary expect the following requirements change:

Tier 1: 150 (unchanged)
Tier 2: 100 (40 more)
Tier 3: 285 (135 more)
Tier 4: 270 (130 more)
Tier 5: 270 (60 more)
Tier 6: 235 (115 less)
Tier 7: 490 (130 more)

This is to skill up to approx 355 Inscription skill. It is subject to change again, and it may not be a requirement to have all these herbs if you get lucky with your Milling, from what I can gather. (No pun intended) There is a requirement for more herbs overall, but the hardest to farm, most expensive materials (Tier 6) have had a nice reduction.

Here are a few additional hints and tips for getting your materials sorted.

Storing your herbs:
Firstly, make a bank alt. It is a cheap way to store your herbs, all you need are a few bags and maybe 1-2 bank slots, and then you can organize your herbs by tier. From here you can mail out the tiers as required by your Inscriber, and be fairly organized about the grind. (You are going to need a lot of free bag space on the Inscriber!) The added bonus of a herb carrier is that you save money on large herb bags and you safely store away herbs so you wont use them by accident on your alchemist or sell them or whatever.

Attaining your herbs:
Tier 1-2 can be bought off the AH for cheap – and are in abundance in the start zones. I recommend avoiding the farming of them, and focus on a couple of quick daily’s later to reimburse yourself.

Tier 3-5 can be found in STV or swamp of sorrows which are excellent farm spots. I recommend running from Westfall to Swamp of Sorrows, and grab everything you see on the way.

Tier 6 is the biggest challenge being found in generally large and barren zones. Thankfully Dreamfoil and Golden Sansam can be found in abundance in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangermarsh or I may have lost my mind… more.

Tier 7 is outland, if you’re a self-respecting herbalist you likely have a stash of these and know good farming routes anyway.
I intend to have a little excess of each Tier – I had met the requirements for the previous calculations, with the exception of Tier 6 herbs, which thanks to the change, I now have enough for. Unfortunately this change now leaves me lacking in tier 2-5 herbs… but at least they are easy enough to farm and not too expensive if you chose to trade daily’s for herb purchases instead. I guess Ill be farming herbs as well as trying to ding 70 on my priest this weekend… (She dinged 69 in Shadow Labs last night.) There is a lack of herbs on the AH in these tiers just now – likely caused by others aiming to store it. It does mean it’s a fantastic time to be a herbalist though… The prices of said herbs are going to go through the roof on patch day by those that decide on a whim to grab inscription, and in the expansion with inflation, will be worth even more if you opt to bank them for all the Deathknigget inscribers out there.

Disclaimer – Inscription may not directly translate to “inscriber” but “inscripter and inscriptor are disliked by spellchecker and I cannot be bothered fighting it and the correctional comments after *winks*.


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