Monday, October 13, 2008

Three up.


Asterra has now hit 70.

After a long weekend of grinding the last 10 points of tailoring, gathering the mats required to finish off my Primal Mooncloth set, getting the gems and enchants sorted so that I had it ready to go, me and Ama went and hit Shadowmoon Valley with a vengeance.

Within the hour we had popped our last 4 boxes for the big ding. That makes two 70’s for her, and 3 for me. Suitably enough, we both Dinged on the Path of Glory.

I am now sporting about 1300+ healing, 375/175 MP5, 8.5k mana and 6k health unbuffed. Not too bad considering its all quested and Auction Housed items I am wearing + my PMC set.

I am hoping to get signed up for Kara on Wednesday with the guild and start getting a few of these greens replaced. My only concern is NightBane. I have seen many low health priests dropping to the Rain of Bones in the past, and I am significantly sub-par for health.

Buzzard bites, Kings, Fortitude and a Mark of The Wild should hopefully tip me up to about 7.5 to 8k health though.

Another concern is the inbound patch. It will make it a less coordinated run as many people learn new abilities, and I have to try to slap together a build that I think will work.

I am currently IDS with talent points in holy enough to get me most of the nice things below the bottom couple of tiers. I like this build, but with the patch Discipline is being described as “single target healing” and Holy for group heals. I guess Ill just have to take a look at the talent trees and decide.

Anyway, big WOOT for the ding, its been long anticipated. Now to decide what to do with her… Battlegrounds? Heroics? Normal dungeons? Dailys? (This one seems pointless, I don’t need any rep items and I have two 70 DPS classes that can do dailys much faster.)

Most likely the first thing on the list is to get our butts down the Steam Vaults to chase some Kara Key parts, and get some more group healing practice.


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