Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inscription progress

Tomorrow is the big(ish) day folks. “The Patch” is anticipated, if not guaranteed (I still don’t know if there was an official announcement but it seems like its definitely coming.)

How are you all getting on with the preparation for inscription?

After a busy weekend of gathering and going on a blitz around Stranglethorn Vale last night, whilst Ama worked The Hinterlands with her herbalist, we almost have enough.

Tier 1 requires 150 herbs, 230 are stored.

Tier 2 requires 100 herbs, 140 are stored.

Tier 3 requires 285 herbs, 300 are stored.

Tier 4 requires 270 herbs, 300 are stored and Ama is feeding copious amounts of Purple Lotus since she wants Vellum for her enchanter.

Tier 5 requires 270 herbs, 250 are stored on last count.

Tier 6 requires 235 herbs, 175 are stored.

Tier 7 requires 490 herbs, 440 are stored, but I have another 500 or so on my Alchemist that can be spared.

What’s the most frightening thing about this whole grind? Watching the price of herbs inflate on a daily basis! If they were to be sold for current prices, I would likely be able to give one of my alts epic flying… And I suspect the prices are just going to continue to rise!


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