Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ding! PoM Time!

Thats Prayer of Mending, Not Presence of Mind folks.

My priest hit 68 last night. This is a level I have been looking forward to for a good long time!

What… Oh, you want more?! Ok.

Well, the reason I have been looking forward to it is because of Prayer of Mending. I know very little about this spell, but I really liked the look of it, and couldn’t wait to try it out.

So far I have only used it in a Duo with my the Missuz’s mage, but so far it has proved to be a fantastic utility. I can see it being a great spell in instances and raids, and especially battlegrounds.

We tend to use two tactics of AOE killing mobs which produce two very different results.

Tactic 1:
She will run around on her Elekk – or run around ice-lance tagging as much as she can. We can handle 6-8 mobs of the same level with no issues. She then AoE’s the mobs, and I spam greater-heal her. If she looks like she may run out of mana due to a lengthly tagging session or particularly tough mobs, I jump in and holy nova heal her which adds a nice damage boost to the fight. Job done.

Tactic 2:
If the mobs are particularly spaced out, I shield us both, POM her, and then we split up. She goes left and tags mobs, I go right and tag mobs with SW:P – we meet in the middle and she takes the aggro and nukes them down.
Under tactic 1 PoM gives a nice mitigation to an additional hit with the shield as as soon as the shield drops and she takes damage it heals for somewhere in the region of 1200 (I have 1.1k +healing) It then attaches itself to me, so if I should take a hit, I get healed, and she gets it back. Ping – Pong, Ping – Pong. Usually doesn’t happen unless there is a stray mob that hasn’t been picked up by her AoE attacks.

Under tactic 2 – our shields usually drop by about the time we meet up. Normally I would start spamming binding heals here to keep both of us up until she has aggro, but with PoM all I hear is Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping – I cast it again (oh noes another 340 mana!) Ping Ping Ping Ping – and for 600 mana we basically get 5 lesser heals each whilst waiting for her to collect the mobs. Fantastic!

Looking at recount, just by making sure it was on at the start of each fight, it done 25% of the healing – this was after questing for an hour before training and not resetting. One trip around Kilsorrow fortress (Nagrande) had it proc 80 times, and saved our asses in some nasty pulls (one particular pull being when I went for a group to the right, thinking she was going left, when she actually body pulled a group and run into a building to fight them in there, I had to keep myself alive and get to her to heal her, and that along with spamming binding heals and refreshing PoM with my empowerment spell on the go kept us standing. Such a rush, I love this priest! And who says mages cant tank!

Additionally, I got some new gear at 68 for my priest. She is very pretty and surprisingly colour co-ordinated with her Elekk – I will post a pic up later.

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