Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bring me the head of... Oh wait...

So a Discipline priest, Subtlety rogue, marksman hunter and a Boomkin go to the graveyard…

And walk out having killed the Headless Horseman 7 times…

That’s the scaling change we are talking about people. Last year it was a challenging 5 man boss. This year a Boomkin and a rogue done the tanking, and the pre-kara geared healer kept them up (most of the time...) and done DPS where necessary (Head nukes).

Nevertheless, it was good. After we done our 7 summons (3 quest, 4 dailys) three of us logged in an alt, and the group became: rogue, 2 mages and a resto shaman, and another 6 summons ensued, for a total of 13 summons.

For our time I think we all left with a broom each, and there were more rings left on the horsemans corpse than were looted.

I want his mount… What are the chances I wonder… 0.20% I hear (1% drop rate, 5 people typically fighting over it.)

Ah well, keep on plugging. Im gonna get my 52 hunter in on the action if we can get him down this easy with 4!


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