Monday, October 20, 2008

Hallows End arrives in style.

Its that time again. The horseman rides, his minions surge forth, and it is your job once more, dear adventurer, to Smite them back into the grave!

Hallows End is upon us once more, and this time it brings with it the same goodies as Hallows End last year, and more, including numerous new achievements that you get this one opportunity to persue. At least until next year.

I have not yet had the chance to participate in any of the activities thanks to a trip to Norwich over the weekend, and the joyous traffic of the M11 and M25 – but hopefully tonight, after a ZA blitz, (at least, I hope it will be!) I am aiming to visit that Headless one. Whilst his goodies won’t be an upgrade for my rogue or mage thanks to their PVP/PVE advancements, they can still have some DPessy fun. My newly 70 priest however, is more than game for some upgrades.

Go forth, and have Fun.

Haaa hahaha haaaaaaa!


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