Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inscription tips.

Through trial and error, I am here to bring some hints to help make your Inscription leveling smoother and less expensive, in both time, money and materials.

1) Learn EVERYTHING the trainer can teach. Whilst this is initially most costly because you wont use a lot of things you can me, you should realize that Inscription research will give you an ability you have not learned. This ability can not only from the pool of minor glyphs, but from anything you have not learned from the trainer. I found this out the hard way by researching and learning Scroll of Agility II…

2) Make all the inks you can. You get numerous rarer items from milling – and you can get “free” skill points from turning these pigments into inks, thus you don’t need to spend as much on parchments, milling herbs or grinding glyphs. Additionally, you will find you have the materials to craft some interesting items, including some off-hands from a pretty tasty selection!

3) When you are at the end of an ink-run and your looking at grinding yellow or green glyphs to crawl to your next ink-level – take a look at the items you can make. I managed to get several strange tarots crafted using a single Lions ink and some rare inks instead of using double the amount of Lion inks (that I was lacking) I now have a Swords tarot deck almost complete, whatever it does. I also have a nice offhand that has intellect, spirit, Spellpower and on use will give a nice spirit boost of +50 spirit I think it was.

4) When seeking customers or educating people about what glyphs do, and what ones you can make, take note: At the top right corner of the window that opens when you’re doing inscription is a little chain Icon. This will link your profession into whatever chat you happen to have open, and people can click this link and see all the items you can craft. I found this a great way of getting people in the guild to pick out what glyphs they want – if I have it, I mail it. Simple as that.


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