Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More on the Account Hack over the weekend.

I checked my mothers account last night (She has not logged in much lately due to a Warhammer addiction.) to see how the inquisition into getting her equipment recovered went, and to my surprise - she has about a dozen GM responses, with all the stuff she had lost attached as mail!

This is fantastic news, as it means her warrior is back to normal (minus some 200G she had sitting about.)

Things are not entirely back to normal however - all her other characters have not had their equipment recovered, and I noticed that all the other servers she had characters on were wiped, and the characters were not recovered. This is unfortunate and I shall chase it up. We transferred from Earthern Ring two years ago, and had characters on horde side on a couple of other servers together - and they are all missing, hopefully they are recoverable. I get a sneaking suspicion the only reason her warrior got her gear recovered is because she was NOT delete. All the others were, so records of equipment being vendored or mailed off might have been lost :(


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