Friday, October 3, 2008

Brewfest activities.

One last update for the day – I finally got to take a trip to see the Brewfest boss, Coren Direbrew.

Group makeup:

Elemental Shammy (Level 68 - he later came in with his mage to get in an extra summoning.)
2 x Combat Rogues in PVP gear (me being one of them – there is nothing here I want for my mage, but Im after a decent mount for my rogue, and the damage trinket would be awesome.)
2 x Druids. (Tree(wife) + Bear)

The encounter was a lot easier than I was expecting, but was pretty good. I wont lie and say the encounter was fantastically good fun, but it was nice to be grouping back with friends in the guild as we have been busy with other things for the last couple of weeks.

Everyone got a direbrew mug trinket (the one that summons the black brew maiden) and the healer picked up the healing trinket, and also the caster trinket for leveling in the expansion.

Good times, I plan another excursion tonight as the festival ends tomorrow.


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